About Jeff

My hearts tick, tickin' on island time 


Jeff Randall is a Nashville recording artist who is living out his dream in Florida, where he continues to write and perform his top-rock and country songs.  he has performed in several states over the years in both large and small venues. 

he credits his co-writers and is thankful for all of the fun times they have had writing lighthearted and heartfelt songs.  his musical influences are the band, the eagles, amongst others, he loves their harmonies, their stories, and their melodies.  he has been fortunate to have recorded songs with band members of each of the following artists' Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, the band Alabama,  Reba McEntire, Trace Adkins, Wynonna Judd, crystal gayle, Kellie pickler, and Dave Mason. 

'beaches, boats, babes, and beers' is one of the cuts off of his newest album, "with a twist of lime", it speaks of the life he is living down in Florida.  life is good!!!